The longhorn bug bit us a few years ago when we had decided to tag along with some friends to the CHERRY BLOSSOM to see what it was all about.We had a great time enjoying everyone's company and learning a little bit as to what the business is all about,all though that year we came home empty handed. The following year we returned and purchased four cows. During are two trips to the CHERRY BLOSSOM we had met a few breeders and through talking with them we had become interested in their programs and ended up buying a few privately. Now we have a little herd of our own longhorns started and they are continuing to grow !!!!
        To us there is nothing more incredible or pleasure full as to go out in the pasture and enjoy watching our herd roam around.We love to spend every possible minute with our cattle and we take pride in them as well. We are in for the breeding aspect and really strive on breeding for HORN GROWTH,COLOR,GREAT CONFORMATION and a GOOD DISPOSITION !!!
        We are also involved in the showing aspect of the longhorns.The show life is fun and rewarding for us.It takes a lot of time and patience to show.Whether it's washing,keeping them clean and even the best part > halter breaking. It is very rewarding for both us to reflect back on what the animals use to be like when we first purchased/weaned and to know that all your hard work and time has made that animal as calm in the show ring as it is and believe me we have had some dragging experiences!! Showing for us is really a great time though and we really enjoy all the experiences of it.
        Well that is the basic of NEL-TAM LONGHORNS LLC We want to THANK-YOU for taking the time to check out our website.Please feel free to contact us anytime.Whether it's about the animals you would like to purchase some questions you may have or even advice you want to give us. 
We belong to:
                      MILLENIUM FUTURITY
                      HIRED HAND SOFTWARE

                                                We look forward to meeting more fellow breeders as we continue to
                                                expand our business !! We are located in SOUTHEASTERN,PA  


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New Year Brings in New ITLA Approved Judges

By Randy Witte

Five new show judges were approved by the International Texas Longhorn Association (ITLA) board of directors. The process is an effort to bring uniformity to Texas Longhorn cattle judging, so judges learn to identify and properly rate those breed characteristics important to modern breed standards.

To earn a spot on the ITLA list of judges, applicants must attend at least one of the association's judging seminars, serve as an apprentice judge under an ITLA judge during a show, and be approved by the board of directors. This year  newly-certified judge will join the ranks of being ITLA certified, and they include Nelson Hearn of Richland, PA,

NelsonTammy HearnNelson Hearn

Nelson Hearn and his wife, Tammy, had a herd of Holsteins they were milking. All was well till Nelson injured his back and subsequently determined that milking cows was not helping the chronic back pain.

"We wanted something different in cattle, but what?" Nelson recalled. A friend suggested they try raising Texas Longhorns. Tammy wasn't sure at first. But five years ago she and Nelson attended the annual Cherry Blossom sale-and came home with three head. Not long after, it was Tammy who suggested they sell all the Holsteins and replace them with Longhorns.

They decided to buy top-of-the line cattle, Nelson said, and today their herd is steeped in Sitting Bull progeny. They show their cattle throughout the northeast, are members of the Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance, the ITLA, TLBAA, and Millinium Futurity. They sent a representation of their breeding to the 2012 World Championship Show in Oklahoma City and did well with them.

The Hearns couldn't be more enthusiastic about the breed, and along the way Nelson decided he wanted to be a judge, as well as showman and breeder.